Marsden Inch needs more people.

For us this time.


As our recruitment business grows beyond just advertising and into other sectors like Digital and Marketing we need someone to help us with the load.

Someone who has the ability to work in a more people orientated manner than ‘normal’ recruiters or recruitment businesses. Someone who has a very personable and intuitive approach. Not someone driven by process, paperwork or god forbid, politics, but just knowing people inside and out.  Meeting and talking with people, looking beyond CVs, looking beyond email applications, looking beyond the nervous first interview. We want you to look people in the eye, have a good chin wag and really get to know them.  And whilst your recruitment, or people management skills are useful, it’s more about you – the person, the people skills and the perseverance.

Marsden Inch has been going since 1991 and we really put our longevity down to our ‘people first’ approach. Plus our wide ranging, recognised industry experience, networks and relationships, will provide you with an established and immediate base to work from, with full office management facilities, an efficient and effective website, CRM backup, and industry associations and involvement.


Are you our person?

Contact Details
Name: Megan Marais +64 (0)9 304 0558

6 Jan 2020

Work Type:
Recruitment & Consulting Services Association Marketing Association Equal Employment Oppurtunities Trust Commercial Communications Council
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