We are – despite the portents out there of doom and gloom, we’re busy discussing new roles with agencies and marketers, meeting new talent, talking to people doing it tough (and yes, Zooming!), and continuing to guide and assist as many people as we can into contract or permanent roles. The world hasn’t, and won’t end – having been through difficult times before, on numerous occasions, we have the resilience, the staying power and, more importantly, the knowledge and experience of how to deal with such circumstances. Keep an eye out for our latest roles, and feel free to call any one of us, 24/7 – Jeneal, Megan, Barry, Clinton and Rob

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Name: Megan Marais +64 (0)21 082 83799

25 Aug 2020

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Recruitment & Consulting Services Association Marketing Association Equal Employment Oppurtunities Trust Commercial Communications Council
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